Beauty Herbal Face Cream

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Nature’s beauty potion in a jar, including a careful blend of superior quality herbs, oils, and botanicals. Silver Rain’s Beauty face cream offers gentle skincare suited for all ages–and a little goes a long way!

How to Use: Apply a pea sized amount to your face and rub it in, in slow circular motions.


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Savor the Essence of Beauty

Hydrate & Revitalize

Beauty cream water splash

Infused with organic oils & extracts, our cream replenishes skin's moisture, leaving it radiant & refreshed.

Nourish & Protect

Packed with antioxidants & vitamins, our formula shields skin from environmental stressors while promoting elasticity.

Soothe & Balance

Harnessing the power of botanicals, our cream calms irritated skin & restores harmony for a smooth, even complexion.

Illuminate & Rejuvenate

Enriched with potent ingredients, our cream brightens dull skin & diminishes fine lines, unveiling a youthful glow.

beauty cream product specifications.

All natural, no artificial colors, preservatives or fillers.

All products are optimized for their medicinal effects.

We use third-party testing to ensure high quality products.

All Silver Rain products are proudly made in the U.S.