CBD and Biodiversity

Many CBD lovers enjoy an enthusiasm for hemp and the hemp industry. You might follow developments about the hemp industry in the news, research science surrounding hemp, or even dabble in gardening as a home hobby.

One important aspect of CBD includes the impacts and benefits that its source plant, hemp, can have on ecology. Many agricultural experts consider Hemp a rather sustainable crop with promising implements for the environment. It can also play a role in the biodiversity of local areas, large farms, and natural environments. 

How Does CBD Production Contribute to the Environment?

CBD comes from the hemp plant, making CBD products in general closely linked to the agriculture and farming industry. CBD sourced from the healthiest, most expertly grown hemp might not only serve as a better product, but provide better ecological impacts overall.

Companion Planting

Companion planting with hemp is one practice that can promote biodiversity and have positive effects on hemp harvest overall. For anyone who is not familiar with gardening or farming, this might be a new term. To read more about companion planting, check out Silver Rain’s most recent blog.

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