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Enhance Your Fitness Offering with Natural Wellness Products

There is a common problem: besides customers wanting to get in shape and achieve physical goals, they also desire RECOVERY.

The market for supplements is growing, and the quality of what customers consume to enhance their wellness journey is more relevant than ever.

Silver Rain offers a range of products designed to help your business address the needs of your members.

silverrain CBD products for fitness professionals

With our Plant Based Products

  • Increase your
    Revenue per Member

    Unlock greater profitability for your gym with our competitive margins, empowering you to maximize profits and drive business growth.

  • Elevate your Brand

    Not only enhance your members' wellness experience but also cultivate a distinguished brand image synonymous with quality and care, setting your gym apart in the competitive market.

  • Reconnect with
    Past Members

    Re-engage with former members through our revitalizing wellness products, fostering renewed loyalty and enhancing your gym's community.

“It is unlikely for individuals to workout and stay healthy when they are hurt or have an injury. At our Health Club, we have been recommending our members to use Silver Rain products for their soreness, aches and better sleep. From helping symptoms of JoAnn's rheumatoid arthritis, to improving sleep for our boss, Joe Keith, with the Sweet Dreams product, Silver Rain has proven effective in remedying aches and recovery. We highly recommend Silver Rain products.”
angela young
Asst Manager / Superior Athletic Club

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