The Silver Rain
CBD Guide Chapter 7

The Silver Rain
CBD Guide Chapter 7

CBD and Sleep

Amongst the many reasons why so many individuals turn to CBD is the search for a better night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, insomnia and poor sleep quality are increasing at high rates amongst adults today. Between the many prescription medications, over-the-counter products, and herbal alternatives on the market, anyone with sleep issues has probably tried out some sort of sleep aid. 

Sometimes, the search for a more restful sleep leads to dead ends or unwanted side effects. Whether your current sleep aid seems to be proving ineffective, you want to avoid high-strength pharmaceuticals, or you simply want to try out a new nightly routine, you should stick around to learn more about CBD and sleep

The Basics

Recent studies suggest that CBD can work to promote deeper and more productive sleep in a couple different ways. Firstly, CBD’s ability to alleviate other physical and psychological issues can subsequently lead to better sleep quality. Secondly, CBD’s function as a regulatory aid might directly impact sleep cycles.

Addressing the Underlying Causes of Insomnia

Often, insomnia and other sleep issues stem from underlying physical and/or psychological stressors. For example, anxiety marks a leading cause of difficulty falling asleep. Likewise, chronic pain often keeps people awake and reduces sleep quality. 

As you likely remember from earlier on in our CBD Guide, CBD is known to address these root causes of insomnia. The compound might help people fall asleep and stay asleep in large because of its other healing properties. 

When a CBD user experiences the alleviation of physical pain, the reduction of acute anxiety, or increased mental focus throughout the day, they might find it easier to turn it at night.

CBD’s ability to manage a variety of daily symptoms can lead to a better nightly sleep. 

CBD can help your body respond to many of the common factors that can cause insomnia, including:

  • Mental health disorders such as anxiety 
  • Acute and/or chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Nausea 
  • Side effects from medications

CBD and Sleep Cycles

It is also possible that CBD works to improve sleep quality by interacting directly with the sleep cycle.

Most sleep scientists agree that the most important factor in a good night’s sleep is the amount of deep sleep an individual experiences. Deep sleep determines one’s ability to rest, rejuvenate, and function properly each day. 

On top of it making it difficult to fall asleep, sleeping disorders often inhibit a person’s ability to achieve important deep sleep. 

One condition known as REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) prevents deep sleep by causing people to physically act out their dreams. Fascinatingly, one study found that RBD patients showed reduced symptoms when taking CBD. This indicates great promise about CBD’s ability to increase deep sleep.

Like many other areas of CBD research, there is still more room for understanding about CBD’s interaction with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and the sleep cycle. As of now, it seems that CBD’s regulatory properties might assist the brain in achieving much needed deep sleep. 

Effects on Energy Levels

CBD’s potential in addressing insomnia, RBD, and other sleep disorders might raise some questions about its side effects as a sleep aid. 

You might be wondering: If CBD is so successful in helping people fall asleep and stay asleep, does that mean it will make me tired and groggy throughout the day?

You might be surprised to learn that CBD does not lead to day-time sleepiness, and that in fact, it often has the opposite effect. Using CBD before bed can lead to increased energy levels throughout the day.

Logically, a better night’s sleep should lead to a sense of rejuvenation and energy the next day. Ironically, this is often not the case with common sleep aids, whose side effects lead to extreme tiredness even after a full night’s sleep. 

But with CBD, low side effects and a more holistic approach to managing symptoms of sleep disorders does not lead to tiredness upon waking. 

CBD allows users to sleep better at night and stay active during the day. 

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