Tricking Superstars and Athletes Impress at Silver Rain Sponsored Vertigo 4 Event 

Making a splash at the one of the largest tricking events in 2022, Silver Rain Wellness-sponsored trickers Ethan Turner and Marcos Santos competed at the Vertigo 4 event. With international competitors and the largest prize pool in tricking history, Vertigo 4 represents a new inflection point for the sport and its fans. 

Up until recently, tricking was regarded by many as solely the hobby of a few hard-core skateboarders, advanced martial artists, gymnasts, professional tumblers and Parkour enthusiasts. However, with the help of social media and YouTube, the sport has garnered both the respect and attention of thousands of global fans.

Silver Rain Wellness is proud to support these cutting-edge athletes in their “quest for the best.” Combining training in the martial arts with gymnastics and even dance moves, tricking is the new “that’s amazing!” sport to inspire millions of young people and new trickers around the world. With our made-in-Oregon products providing all-natural wellness and healthy solutions to the aches and pains that accompany sports training of any kind, we’re proud to count Ethan and Marcos as part of the Silver Rain Wellness family of athletes. Right on! 


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