Silver Rain to Attend the Rose City Tricking Gathering 

Silver Rain CBD is pleased to announce our  partnership with PDX Tricking for its upcoming Rose City Tricking Gathering.  In light of this exciting upcoming event, we’d like to highlight that using CBD before or after tricking, or any other activity, is an excellent option for natural pain relief.  Tricking, like all other athletic activities, can be hard on the body and it’s only natural that a variety of ailments can come about.  CBD for sports injuries is an excellent alternative to other forms of over the counter pain relief.  You’ll find that extreme sports professionals, like those you’ll find at the Rose City Tricking Gathering, agree that products like Silver Rain’s are an excellent choice for both pain relief and recovery.

The Rose City Tricking Gathering is being put on by PDX Tricking July 15th through July 17th in the Portland metro area at Oregon Dream Teams.  There you will be able to watch the best in the sport, participate in workshops, and meet people within the tricking community.  You will also get the opportunity to meet representatives from the Silver Rain team and have all your questions answered about what CDB can do for you, whether you’re an extreme sports athlete or just a spectator.  There are benefits to using CBD no matter your hobbies or profession!

What is Tricking?

If you’ve followed our blog posts in the past, you might remember Silver Rain highlighting a sport rapidly growing in popularity across the globe.  That sport is Tricking and it is, in every sense of the word, extreme.  It combines  gymnastics, martial arts, and parkour, resulting in one of the most extreme displays of physical fitness one could witness.  Rose City Tricking gathering is an event that will feature talented Trickers performing some of the most impressive physical feats you’ll see, in addition to a variety of workshops and even food being provided for the community.  Whether you’re new to this extreme sport or a Tricker yourself, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

If you’re interested in how and why pro athletes like Trickers are using CBD for pain management, keep reading below and see how products like Silver Rain’s can help you with your pain mitigation whether you’re an athlete or spectator!

CBD and Professional Sports

All athletes around the world, amateur and professional, are known for their dedication to their respective sports.  Pro Trickers and other extreme sports athletes are no different, despite the limited visibility compared to other more mainstream sports.  However, these athletes aren’t doing it for the money or the fame, they do it for the love of the game.  It’s well known that all sports, especially extreme sports, are hard on the body.  

It’s through this dedication and perseverance that professional athletes achieve such impressive physical feats that we’ve come to admire so much.  However, success at any level of athletics doesn’t come without a cost; success at every level of sport takes a toll on every athlete’s body. With CBD, athletes can achieve more than just pain management. Other benefits of using CBD for sports injuries includes: 

  • Avoiding side effects and possible addictive nature of OTC or prescription medications 
  • Experiencing the anti-inflammatory and reparative properties of CBD
  • Preventing pain from warm up through post-workout CBD usage. 

That’s why so many professional athletes are turning towards CBD for sports injuries, seeking an all-natural pain relief alternative to harsh over the counter and prescription painkillers.

Silver Rain and Tricking

With so many athletes across the world of athletics turning to forms of all natural pain management, it’s no wonder that CBD for tricking is rapidly gaining popularity.  Extreme sports athletes need a safe product they can rely on and trust, that’s why they turn to Silver Rain for their pain relief and recovery needs. 

At Silver Rain, every product is all natural and third party lab tested.  Moreover, our products are seed to sale; from the planting of the seed to the packaging of our award winning products, everything takes place on our property without the use of any middleman.  It’s because of this dedication to quality that the tricking community and other athletes are turning towards Silver Rain for the CBD and pain relief needs

Rose City Tricking Gathering

Whether you’re established in the tricking community or just want to see what this growing sport is all about, the Rose City Tricking Gathering has something for everyone.  The three day event will have a variety of workshops, competitions, food, and a wide variety of people from all across the community.  Silver Rain will also be at the event to answer all your questions about CBD and our award winning seed to sale products.  We can’t wait to see you there!

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.