CBD given to Prize Winners from Vertigo & Loopkicks Tricking Event

As a producer of top-quality natural wellness products, Silver Rain CBD has been working hard on developing support for communities that can benefit from CBD for recovery. As we all know, many individuals utilize both topical and oral CBD for natural pain relief. This month, we sponsored events in the pro-tricking community with Silver Rain prizes for competition winners. 

Silver Rain provided free products to winners at two May tricking events. This included the annual “Double Gathering” in Santa Clara, California, as well as the Vertigames at All Star Athletic Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Winners received a hat, and a container of our best-selling “Healing Cream”, which includes 1200 MG of CBD. 

Interested in how athletes are using CBD for pain mitigation from extreme sports like tricking? Keep reading to learn more about our CBD given to prize winners, and how many pro-trickers are now using CBD for pain relief! 

What is ‘Tricking’?

If you’ve never heard of tricking before, you’re in for a thrill. Tricking is an extreme sport rapidly growing in popularity that includes a combination of martial arts, gymnastics, and parkour movements. Tricking appears as a series of kicks, flips, and other hard-core movements (‘tricks’) that push the body to the limits, and make for an incredible display of physical fitness. 

Why Use CBD for Tricking and other Pro Sports? 

Watch a quick video of someone tricking and you’ll understand immediately that it can be a bit harsh on the body. Most trickers are top athletes in great shape, but they can still be extremely susceptible to soreness and sports-related injuries such as muscle pulls and tears. That’s where CBD sports treatment comes in. 

Like any other athlete, trickers and extreme sports enthusiasts are often seeking natural forms of pain relief that won’t interfere with their performance or become habit forming. With formulas including all-natural ingredients, CBD products can offer this much-needed non-habit forming pain relief. In fact, an increasing number of athletes from all disciplines have been turning to CBD as a way to manage pain in their regular sports routine. 

Winner’s Review on Silver Rain Products

What do real pro-trickers think of Silver Rain products? Vertigames winner and Pro Tricker Brendan Morrison (Mastering Tricking on YouTube) created an event recap featuring a review of our Healing Cream sharing how it works for his injuries and pain relief. 

Watch the full Vertigames recap video on Mastering Tricking’s YouTube channel! 

*Jump to time 4:12 for Silver Rain product review from pro-tricker Mastering Tricking. 

Here are some of our favorite highlights from Mastering Tricking’s review: 

  • Brendan says that Silver Rain’s Healing Cream works effectively to reduce pain even in still-healing areas only 13 days post-injury from pulling a back muscle.
  •  “I have tried so many CBD products… and most of them don’t work well for me. But this one is amazing. Silver Rain, you’ve done an amazing job… it’s really, really helpful.” 
  • “[Silver Rain] has genuinely good products that can help athletes within this community.” 

CBD for Extreme Sports & Recovery 

Everyone deserves an effective form of pain relief, whether someone is an athlete or not. But athletes face a unique problem of not always having as many options when it comes to pain relief. Painkillers or other substances that are mind-altering will decrease performance during games or competitions. Furthermore, many athletes cannot risk taking any sort of substance that will cause them to fail a drug test. That takes a lot of painkillers off of the table.

CBD for recovery can offer an alternative solution to these issues. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, meaning it cannot cause you to feel “high” or under the influence-and unlike its sister-plant marijuana, it does not cause you to fail a drug test either. 

On top of all of this, CBD provides real results when it comes to pain relief. An increasing number of athletes are using CBD for recovery, with good things to say about their experiences.

Try Silver Rain Products Today

If you want to try CBD out for yourself, it’s important to ensure you are using high-quality products. CBD may produce amazing results, but a CBD product that is not all-natural, lab tested, and quality-ensured will not be as dependable. 

That’s why opting for a brand like Silver Rain can make all the difference. Unlike most CBD brands on the market, we grow our own hemp as the main ingredient in all of our products, instead of sourcing CBD extract from outside companies. Our hemp is U.S. grown on a small-scale farm in Applegate Valley Oregon, and is always lab-tested to ensure quality and safety. 

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We also provide a range of other pain relief products that customers love. Consider our Move joint relief spray, or Recharge muscle roll-on for easy-application topical pain relief. If you’re looking for a sublingual tincture, our Freedom overall relief drops might be for you! 

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