Using CBD for Tricking and Extreme Sports

Fans of tricking and extreme sports are admired for their perseverance and daring feats. Unfortunately, these activities are also known for creating wear and tear on the body. For people who want to continue pursuing their passion of extreme sports, finding proper pain relief and healing approaches is important. Lately, tricking enthusiasts have shared about the possibilities of using CBD for their pain relief needs.

Silver Rain Meets the Tricking Community

Silver Rain has come together with members of the tricking community to discuss the results they have experienced from CBD. Silver Rain first reached out to tricking and extreme sports enthusiasts in the local area in order to connect with a community commonly in search of better pain relief methods. 

Hear pro Tricker Mark talk about his experience with using CBD for injury recovery

One benefit that many athletes mentioned was that using CBD provides a holistic solution for pain relief. For extreme athletes concerned about their mental and physical wellness, many want to stay away from heavy duty prescription or over the counter painkillers. Instead, using CBD products that are grown from a natural, local source appeals to athletes who put their health first–even when they may push their bodies to the limits.

Silver Rain at Loopkicks Tricking

Want to learn more about holistic wellness in the tricking community? This Saturday, May 14, Silver Rain will be sponsoring the annual “Double Gathering” event co-hosted by Loopkicks Tricking and Vertigo Tricking. Loopkicks Tricking is a Bay Area gym which runs classes, open gyms, and events to share the sport of tricking. 

This single day event will include activities for trickers of all ages, including training sessions, workshops, and a special challenge activity with prizes. Silver Rain will be vending at the event, with representatives to answer questions about our CBD products. Our vendors will also be available to provide information on the general science and background of CBD for anyone interested. 

Schedule of Events: 

3:00PM – Check-In & Session

4:00PM – Tricking Workshop 1

5:00PM – Tricking Workshop 

6:00PM – Break of Dinner

8:00PM – The Vertigames

10:00PM – Session

Why Use CBD for Recovery?

Why is using CBD for recovery a good option for extreme sports enthusiasts? First of all, numerous studies in recent years have shown CBD’s potential for aiding in injury relief and musculoskeletal pain. 

The most common tricking injuries tend to relate to sore or torn muscles, sore joints from impact, and pain from repeated activity and motion. Recent research suggests that CBD’s reparative and anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe pain related to these sorts of injuries. One article from 2021 even discussed the potential of CBD for sports recovery specifically.  

Share Your CBD Experience

Are you a CBD enthusiast who uses CBD for pain relief or sports recovery? Are you new to CBD but interested in learning more about how it might help you in your recovery routine? Join the Silver Rain community to learn more about CBD as a holistic pain relief alternative. Contact us today for guidance on learning more about CBD, and even participating in special programs that give you access to exclusive product packages!