The Best CBD for Flight Anxiety 

Have you considered CBD for managing flight anxiety? U.S. mental health experts estimate that as many as 6.5% of Americans deal with flight anxiety, or aviophobia. Beyond that, around 40% of U.S. citizens report experiencing some level of anxiety surrounding flying. CBD is one option now available for managing and reducing flight anxiety. CBD stress relief can reduce anxiety while flying by boosting relaxation and lowering stress endorphins in the body. But what is the best CBD for flight anxiety? 

Choosing a CBD Product for Flight Anxiety 

If you decide to try out CBD stress relief for flight anxiety, it is important to choose the right kind of CBD. Nowadays, there are hundreds of different types of CBD products on the market. With various forms of CBD edibles, topicals, and even bath products and novelty products, it can be hard to navigate which product will work best in certain situations. 

For an issue like aviophobia, using a direct, potent, and fast-acting form of CBD is the best option. Many CBD experts agree that the best CBD for flight anxiety is a sublingual tincture. Taking CBD sublingually (under the tongue) speeds up absorption of the cannabinoid, as opposed to eating a solid CBD capsule or some other edible. 

When you are shopping for a sublingual CBD product, make sure to look out for the following factors: 

  • Is the product 3rd-party lab tested to ensure quality? 
  • Is the product grown in the USA? 
  • Does the product include any added ingredients that may facilitate the alleviation of flight anxiety? 

Once you have found the best CBD for flight anxiety, there are a few steps to follow for taking the CBD. 

How to Take CBD for Flight Anxiety 

Taking sublingual CBD is ultimately simple. The steps include: 

  • Deposit your CBD oil or spray under your tongue or onto the inside of your cheek
  • Wait for it to absorb for 60 seconds 
  • Do not eat or drink anything for the next 5 minutes while you wait for the product to absorb

However, there are a few additional factors to consider if you are taking CBD specifically for flight anxiety. Since flight anxiety is a situational issue, you will want to make sure to take the proper dose at the right time. 

CBD typically takes 15 minutes to an hour to take its effects. Because of this, it is recommended to take CBD about an hour before your flight. You can always take more at the 30 minute mark if you feel that the effects are not as strong as you would like. 

Important disclaimer: 

Some airports strictly monitor the transport of hemp and CBD products. If you are traveling with CBD oil, it is your responsibility to adhere to the rules and regulations of travel. Additionally, make sure not to bring CBD containers larger than the fluid oz limit in carryon bags. 

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*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.