Does CBD Help with Joint Pain?

With many discussions about the use of CBD for chronic pain, you might be wondering if CBD can help with joint pain. Did you know that pain caused by joint inflammation is a leading cause of CBD use? Multiple studies have suggested CBD’s success in lowering inflammation and pain related to arthritis or other joint problems. So, does CBD help with joint pain? 

Keep reading for an overview of how the cannabinoid might work to reduce joint pain.

CBD’s Anti-Inflammatory Properties

You might be wondering why more people are turning to CBD for pain relief in recent years. With CBD increasing both in popularity and in scientific scrutiny, there is increasing evidence to explain why CBD might work for pain relief. Recent studies on CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential suggest that it may be particularly effective in pain related to arthritis or other joint problems. But how does CBD help with joint pain?

Clinical studies in mice and rats showed that CBD binds to receptors in the body that are known to reduce inflammation. Similar research has also revealed that CBD reduces inflammatory proteins. 

Studies on CBD, Arthritis, and other Forms of Joint Pain

Because CBD is shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties throughout the body, it offers promising benefits for those suffering from arthritis and other conditions causing inflammation and joint pain. 

So far, the most revealing clinical studies on CBD for arthritis and other forms of joint pain have used animals as test subjects. Because of this, there is not yet a conclusive medical opinion on whether or not people should use CBD for joint pain. However, CBD is still considered a valid option for some individuals looking for a way to treat their joint pain.

How to use CBD for Joint Pain

It is possible to develop a treatment plan for joint pain with CBD with proper research. You can also consult your doctor for their advice on how you can incorporate CBD into your pain relief plan.

If you decide to try CBD for joint pain, you might want to consider the following:

  • Seek high-quality CBD products with pure ingredients
  • Considering utilizing CBD as an additional joint pain reliever, not as a replacement for any prescription medications. Check with your doctor to make sure CBD is compatible with any prescriptions you are taking.
  • Use a combination of oral and topical CBD. Oral CBD works to reduce inflammation internally, whereas topical CBD can target localized pain.

CBD Products for Joint Pain

If you decide to use CBD products for joint pain, consider the type of products you will use. 

When it comes to oral CBD, oil tinctures are a good choice for direct, fast-acting relief. Consider using a sublingual tincture for the best absorption.

Topical CBD comes in many forms. One popular option is using a muscle and joint pain relief cream. Cream-based products are easy to apply and often include added ingredients that aid with joint relief. 

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