How to use CBD tinctures for sleep

CBD is one of the most popular non-psychoactive components in the cannabis plant. CBD might be used to address a variety of symptoms. Nowadays, many people are switching from pharmaceutical sleep aids to CBD in an attempt to improve sleep quality. If you are interested in trying out CBD tinctures for sleep, it can be helpful to understand how to use it and why it works. This article will explain how CBD tinctures can be used as a nighttime sleep aid.

CBD as a Nighttime Sleep Aid 

You have probably seen CBD’s increase in popularity in recent years. But on top of the ‘hype’ surrounding CBD, there are scientific studies suggesting CBD’s ability to act as a sleep aid. 

CBD works improve sleep quality not just by causing tiredness. It also helps with sleep quality by reducing anxiety or other stressors that keep us awake at night. Recent studies suggest that it helps reduce anxiety and insomnia by interacting with receptors in the brain.

However, CBD tinctures do more than simply relax us. It also imparts a calming effect on our nervous system, stimulating the release of serotonin which promotes a restful mood, and induces sleep by lowering levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. This explains why some people have reported significantly improved daytime functioning after taking CBD oil directly before bedtime. 

How to Take a CBD Sleep Tincture

Using CBD tinctures for sleep is easy. The simplest way to use CBD is by placing it under the tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallowing. The effects may be felt in as quick as 5 minutes. Some users prefer to add the oil directly into their mouth, as this allows them to absorb more of the active ingredients. You can also add a CBD tincture to a food or beverage.

When taking a CBD tincture as a nighttime sleep aid, it is best to take your desired dose around 30 minutes before bed. If you wish to add your cbd oil to something to mask the taste, consider adding it to a caffeine-free cup of tea. 

Does CBD Cause Drowsiness? 

You might be wondering, does CBD oil make you sleepy during the day? If CBD works well for sleep, you might expect to feel tired upon waking after taking CBD. Unlike many other sleep aids, however, CBD typically does not cause a drowsy feeling in the morning when taking it for sleep the night before. 

As we discussed earlier, part of why CBD may improve sleep quality is due to its ability to lower anxiety levels and stress responses in the body. Because of this, its impact on sleep comes less so from producing a “drowsy” feeling, and more by simply promoting relaxation and healthier sleep patterns. 

Other Uses for CBD

Along with treating sleep issues like insomnia, many people use CBD to target a wide variety of other symptoms. Believe it or not, CBD can also be used to improve energy levels throughout the day for the same reasons it works as a nighttime sleep aid–reducing stress and promoting relaxation, which in the long run can prevent exhaustion and actually improve energy levels. Other uses for CBD may include: 

  • Treating joint or muscular pain
  • Mitigating chronic pain
  • Managing symptoms of anxiety
  • Managing symptoms associated with conditions such as PTSD, SAD, depression, and more

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*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.