Using CBD Post-Workout

With increasing studies on CBD’s potential for pain relief, many people are now utilizing CBD post-workout. Incorporating CBD into your post-workout routine might provide a range of benefits. Whether your goal is to prevent soreness, mitigate pain from a previous injury, or prevent exhaustion and burnout, both topical and oral CBD could be a great addition to your post-workout routine. In order to find the best CBD roll-on, most effective CBD pain relief tincture, or any other product for your post-workout CBD usage, it can help to do a bit of research first. 

Keep reading for Silver Rain’s expert suggestions on the best ways to use CBD post-workout.

Finding the Right Product

The first step in incorporating CBD into your post-workout routine will involve finding the right products for your needs. Evaluate your goals for using CBD after working out and also your preferences about what types of products you use. You can use the following steps as a guide to finding the right product for you:

  • Decide between topical or oral CBD (or you can use both). Are you looking to relieve pain associated with a chronic condition or injury? Oral CBD drops might be one way to relieve widespread pain. Are you looking to prevent soreness of a particular muscle after working out? Targeting specific pain points might be easily done with topical CBD. There is no harm in using both topical and oral CBD in conjunction with one another. They can work together to respond to your needs post-workout. 
  • Next, determine what specific problems you want to tackle with CBD. Do you want to prevent joint inflammation? Relax sore muscles? Promote relaxation and prevent muscle tension? Increase energy? All of these answers can help you find the CBD products specifically formulated to your desires. 
  • Finally, evaluate what you are looking for in a product. If you’re interested in topicals, maybe you’re in search of the best CBD roll-on for easy application. Or, you could be more interested in finding a topical cream that has a great fragrance and consistency. If you’re leaning towards tinctures and oral products, you might want to research what brands have the best high-quality ingredients. Not all CBD is created equal, and purchasing from a brand that undergoes lab testing, proper extraction processes, and uses real, high-quality CBD oil can make or break your CBD experience. 

Application and Usage

Once you have determined the CBD products you want to use post-workout, make sure you are properly administering the CBD to maximize its benefits. 

For Topical Application 

After working out, you should apply CBD topicals in an effective and sanitary manner. The best application method includes the following steps:

  1. Fully clean the skin – make sure to remove sweat and dirt that may have accumulated during your workout.
  2. Thoroughly dry the skin – apply topical CBD products to dry skin to make sure the products properly permeate the skin. 
  3. Apply – Whether you are using a cream, lotion, muscle roll on, spray, or gel, applying CBD topically is easy! 
  4. Reapply as needed – reapply as needed to target pain and soreness. 
For Oral Tinctures 

Taking oral CBD tinctures should be equally simple as using topical CBD. Maximizing CBD’s benefits post-workout depends mainly on the dosing and timing of taking it. If you’re using CBD in your post-workout routine, consider the following:

  1. Determine dosage – If you’re new to CBD, it is always a good idea to start at a low dosage and work your way up. Most CBD tinctures will tell you how many drops to take in one dose depending on your age and size.
  2. Time things properly – Unlike topical CBD, CBD tinctures do not take effect immediately. If you take your CBD too early or too late, you might not enjoy the benefits at the right time when you are trying to recover from your workout. Most people report oral CBD tinctures taking effect 30-90 minutes after ingestion. *Pro tip –  If you are doing a short workout, you may want to take your CBD at the beginning of your workout to maximize results as you cool down. 

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